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O que nos faz inovar?

We know that new ideas make room for new possibilities.
With that in mind, we aim to shift the paradigms in order to make production processes simpler, more profitable and sustainable, adding benefits to all stakeholders.
With this approach, combined with our constant field presence, our commitment to the development of human resources and process quality, the investments in Research and Development of new products and custom made solutions, we seek to help our clients to enable their investments with reliability and top notch performance.
We introduce you now to the latest result of this work philosophy: The HDFB Split Flexible Couplings.

Evolução sempre

HDFB is a flexible coupling with elastic radial elements which connects a drive machine to a driven machine. Due to its technical features, it provides efficient torque transmission by means of the compression of its elastic elements, which also absorb shocks and vibrations from both drive and driven components, and compensates some angular, radial and axial misalignments.

Among many of its features, its new and exclusive constructive form simplifies the mounting and dismounting operations, which contributes to shorten the time of installation and maintenance procedures carried out on site. This is translated as greater performance and productivity for your company and contributes for better results.

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Technical Characteristics

The basic dimensions of these couplings are from the series Henflex HDF and HDFF, and therefore. sizes 430-1250 are interchangeable. The new sizes (270, 330 and 380) length (dimension L3) are larger, so this difference should be considered.



Ser prático é ser produtivo

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